Acquire. Retain. Evangelize.

Turn Customers into Loyal Advocates and Brand Ambassadors with Refilliate Loyalty & Rewards

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harness the power of brand ambassadors

  • drive down acquisition costs

  • reward ambassadors with instant cash

  • accelerate growth with easy to share QR Codes and built-in Apple Wallet Passes

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improve retention with loyalty & rewards

  • finally a loyalty program that works for you (and your customers)

  • offer meaningful & engaging rewards
  • boost retention & lifetime value


create a community of advocates

  • offer incentives for both brand advocacy and loyalty

  • foster relationships with ambassadors

  • encourage ongoing participation through rewards

Designed for your business

integrated with the best of the best

  • connect with shopify, klaviyo, attentive, sendlane and recharge

  • reward ALL of your customers - one-time purchasers & subscribers

  • give them points, cash, free product and more!

  • many exciting integrations coming soon